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Bogdan Tolbariu (b.1984, Curtea de Argeș, Romania) is a fine artist based in France, trained in figurative sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. He has a Master's degree in Visual Arts and has also worked in classified monument restoration and digital art. Interested in sculpture and painting, he challenges the dialogue between fidelity to nature and the ineffable in art through various live model studies and explorations. Although supported by unmediated observation of models or references, his artistic method does not basically aim to simulate reality but rather explore a vivid expression that still allows a meaningful aesthetic experience for the contemporary viewer. Faithfull to the creative investigation human anatomy as a perpetual and fluid resource for symbols and revelation, Tolbariu assumes his art studies as an alternative path to capture the newness of humanity by constantly redefining skills and tradition, exploring personal stories and questioning the fragile boundary between conscious and unconscious truths.

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